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Neu in Moodle 1.6

NOTE: Moodle 1.6 requires PHP 4.3.0 (or PHP 5.1.0) and MySQL 4.1.16 (4.1.12 if you use latin languages only). Here is more info on Upgrading to Moodle 1.6.
New features

* Unicode

Moodle is now 100% Unicode, which means any language can be mixed together and an end to a number of problems that different character sets caused us.

* Documentation

A new one-stop wiki site for ALL Moodle documentation, including links from Moodle itself

* Database module

A new activity module that allows collaborative collection of structured data, useful for many things!


Integrated via a course format and an activity module

* Blogs

Allows reflection on an ongoing basis. Entries are marked and can be viewed by user, course, group, site etc. Contains first new support for Tags.

* Reports

All reports are now centralised under Course reports and Admin reports. New reports can be written as plugins and dropped in very easily. One big new report is the new course-based statistics system from Catalyst.

* Questions

A centralized bank of questions with the potential to be (re-)used in a variety of modules.

* My Moodle

A dashboard interface that allows an overview for each user of all their courses etc.

* Hive integration

This initial integration with Hive allows teachers to upload, browse, search and select resources within the external repository.

* Multiple groups

Users can be part of multiple groups within a course

* IMS content package resource type

Supports the loading of any content package as a resource, with an optional repository for sharing packages between courses.

* Granularised backup
* Chameleon theme

An interactive Moodle theme

* Multi enrolment

Moodle’s enrolment plugins can be used simultaneously on the same site. Also new IMS Enterprise enrolment plugin.

* Payment Gateway enrolment plugin

New feature called ‘Order Review’. Admins and teachers may accept or deny payments before processing the credit card and they can also refund payments after processing the credit card in ‘Payment Management’ page. Students may view their order details. Address Verification System (AVS) and Scheduled-Capture support added. For ‘Manual-Capture’ admins are notified 5 days prior to pending orders expiring.