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Planungen für Version 2.0

Die folgenden Punkte sind sehr konkret für die Version 2.0 geplant. Ein Veröffentlichungstermin ist mit Mitte 2008 angegeben.

* Moodle 2.0 will require PHP 5.2 as a minimum, allowing us to clean up the code in some areas. For more info see:
* Development: Portfolio API -

Interface Moodle activities and repositories to help produce portfolios for internal assessment AND external publication. The first Portfolio plugin implemented will be Mahara.

* Conditional activities -

Allowing dependencies and forced paths through the content

* Community hub interfaces - and others

Makes it easy for users to find and navigate other systems and external Moodle repositories, leveraging the Moodle Network in various ways.

* Repository API - Open University,, Humboldt and Warp Networks

Abstract all file operations to an API that allows plugins for different external repositories

* Old DB install/upgrade system removed

The deprecated system for installing or upgrading database entries used in Moodle 1.7 will be completely removed, while supporting only the new XML based database scheme introduced in 1.7

* New groups - Open University

Site-wide groups, reusable groups, and assigning activities to groups are the major improvements being developed